Post-Construction Cleaning Specialists

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Post-Construction Cleaning

The Finishing Touches For Your Construction Or Remodeling Project

Carole’s Commercial Cleaning will help you put the finishing touches on your new custom home or remodeling project with top-quality commercial cleaning services.

Let’s face it, construction is a messy business! That’s where we come in. Our team will take care of all the dirt, dust, and residue left over after construction to give your home that truly new look you’ve been waiting for. We’ll make sure your project is sparkling clean, ready to wow your clients with their beautiful new space.

Why Partner With Carole’s Commercial Cleaning?

After your construction project is through, you want a reliable, local cleaning company that will put on the finishing touches that’ll make your renovations truly sparkle. Here are just some of the things we bring to the table:

  • Trustworthiness that comes with over 25 years of proven experience

  • Local and family-owned commercial cleaning business

  • Customized cleaning plans based on your needs

  • Commitment to address issues promptly and professionally

Transparent & Reliable Pricing

Construction and remodeling cleanups are messy jobs that often require special equipment and lots of old-fashioned "elbow grease". After months of construction, dust can settle on everything, dulling that new shine. Not to mention all the surfaces, like windows, tile and cabinets, that may have stickers, grout, caulking or over-spray that needs to be carefully scrubbed away. This is not easy work, it takes a lot of energy, patience and attention to detail. To ensure we have the best possible employees for each project, we pay them well for the effort this work demands... Happy Employees = Happy Clients!

Our pricing is simple, we charge $55 per labor hour, plus the cost of any specialized equipment or subcontractors, if needed.

While you could personally take the time to clean everything on your own, your time is too valuable. Leave the cleaning to the professionals at Carole’s Commercial Cleaning, and you can rest assured that we will get the job done, allowing you up to fully focus on your clients and the project.

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